As we build upon the three core pillars of our success, DrugDevelopment, Digital Therapeutics, and our North American Clinical Network, we are focused on the development and implementation of effective mental health therapies for a growing patient base

Vancouver,British Columbia, June 1,6 2022 / Globe Newswire / – Wellbeing DigitalSciences Inc.  (“Wellbeing” or the “Company”) (NEO:MEDI) (OTC: KONEF) (FRA: SQ2), an evidence-based mental healthcare company focused on the development and implementation of innovative clinical solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics as supported by clinical research, that it has filed its unaudited financial results for the third quarterly period ending April 30, 2022, and provided a business update.

“2022 will be foundational year that will set the stage for Wellbeing to execute on its strategy in the future,” said Najla Guthrie, Wellbeing’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are focused on developing and expanding our leadership team, closing additional clinical and digital acquisitions as well as evaluating strategic capital market opportunities to build shareholder value.   As we build upon the three core pillars of our success, Drug Development, DigitalTherapeutics, and our North American Clinical Network, we are focused on the development and implementation of effective mental health therapies for a growing patient base.”


Corporate Updates During andSubsequent to the Fourth Quarter 2021:

Appointment of Terry Zimaro as Chief Financial Officer - Mr. Zimaro is a Chartered Professional Accountant who brings over20years of public and private company experience in a wide range of finance functions, in particular specializing in high-growth environments, within various industries including psychedelics. He has enabled companies to maximize profitability, operational efficiencies, and enterprise value. Terry is joining our team at an exciting time for the Company. His extensive financial experience, combined with his strong leadership skills will enable him to make an immediate impact on our business. As CFO, Terry is another key strategic addition to our team, and look forward to seeing his impact on the Company’s corporate strategy and growth opportunities.

Founding member of the Women in Psychedelics Network - The formation of WIPis to make a long-term impact on the psychedelic space, by bringing together a diverse group of women in this space and to be a voice for all women going forward regarding their developments, achievements and challenges. Information sharing, expertise and collaboration are a few of the many elements that the founders of WIP believe will help advocate and represent the women who are part of the psychedelic medicine industry. WIP will look to recruit health care representatives, scientists, and company leaders, as well as sponsorships from companies that may not be led by women but are support WIP.

Welcoming Dr. Ho as new medical director of MindScape - Since MindScape was purchased by Wellbeing on April 21, 2021, the Clinic has administered over 600low-dose ketamine infusions to patients, which the Company views as a significant milestone.  Wellbeing is in the process of evaluating the addition of complementary mental health services being provided to patients at the Clinic. The Company has also recently implemented a new marketing strategy and intends to grow the local patient base by establishing connections with mental health practitioners in the area that have recognized the potential of the off-label use of ketamine in the treatment of mood disorders. Ketamine appears to have anti-depressant and anti-suicidal effects and, according to recent studies, the possibility of ketamine treating mood disorders like bipolar is thought to be quite promising.

Financial Highlights (all amounts expressed in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise noted)


• Revenue for the nine-month quarter endedApril 30, 2022, reached $5,280,640, as compared to $nil for the same period of the prior year, which was primarily due to transitioning from an investment issuer to a single-purpose company focused on consolidating medical clinics and becoming aNorth American leader in mental health treatments;


• Gross loss for the quarter ended April30, 2022 was $150,648, as compared to $nil for the same period of the prior year, due to cost of goods sold slightly exceeding revenue for the nine-month period ended;


• Net loss for the quarter ended April 30,2022 was $21,149,109, as compared to net loss of $4,905,255 reported for the same period of the prior year, primarily due to share based payments of $13,945,132(2021 - $2,087,678), general and administrative expenses of $1,575,930 (2021 -$41,521), marketing expenses of $1,522,853 (2021 - $Nil) and professional fees of $2,225,604 (2021 - $328,806).


• Total assets for the quarter ended April30, 2022 decreased by 19% to $17,714,820 from $21,921,195 for the year endedJuly 31, 2021, which was mainly attributable to a decreased in cash and cash equivalents and amortization of certain non-current assets.


The full set of ConsolidatedFinancial Statements and Management Discussion and Analysis can be viewed by visiting its profile page on SEDAR at


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Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. is an evidence-based mental healthcare company focused on the development and implementation of innovative clinical treatment solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics, as supported by clinical research. Its mission is supported by a network of North American clinics that provide forward-thinking therapies and other types of treatment to patients as well as through a contract research organization that offers clinical trials services to clients pursuing drug development. For additional information, please visit 


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