Dr. Hilmas will Represent the Company at the IPA World Congress and Probiota Americas Event Organized by William Reed Ltd. and Taking Place from June 1-3,  2022, Where he is will Comment on Key Concerns, Advances and Understandings Surrounding the Latest Developments in Prebiotics and Probiotics  

Vancouver, British Columbia, June 1, 2022 / Globe Newswire / – Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc.  (“Wellbeing” or the “Company”) (NEO: MEDI) (OTC: KONEF) (FRA: SQ2), an evidence-based mental  healthcare company focused on the development and implementation of innovative clinical solutions,  including psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics, as supported by clinical research is pleased to  announce that Dr. Corey Hilmas MD, PhD, a member of the Company’s Medical Advisory Board, will be  participating as part of a regulatory panel (the “Panel”) at the 2022 IPA World Congress and Probiota  Americas Event (“Probiota Americas” or the “Event”).  

The Event will be held in Washington D.C. from June 1-3, 2022 and the panelists are expected to discuss  the pressing issues in the probiotics field regarding labelling, ensuring safe usage, expanding health  indications for probiotics and New Dietary Ingredient (“NDI”) notifications.1 The Panel has been  announced as consisting of four subject matter experts including Dr. Hilmas; Solange Henoud, Vice  President Regulatory and Compliance at Lallemand Health Solutions Inc.; Serna Viswanathan, JD, of the  Federal Trade Commission; and Betsy Jean Yakes, PhD, of the Food and Drug Administration.1 The Panel  will begin with short presentations and be followed by an open discussion.  

Dr. Hilmas also currently serves as the Chief Regulatory Officer of the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary,  KGK Science Inc. (“KGK”). He is a respected scientist, medical doctor, and former federal food regulator in  the United States (“US”). After having completed his medical degree and a doctorate in toxicology,  working as a principal investigator for many years, and serving on behalf of the US government at the  Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), Dr. Hilmas combines his unique medical and scientific skillset with  extensive US regulatory training. He served as an NDI notification reviewer and as a branch chief within  the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the FDA. In addition to working on enforcement matters  related to supplement labelling, claims, good manufacturing practices and fraud, he also served as an 

expert witness for the FDA and Department of Justice, resulting in an FDA Award of Merit from former  FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.  

IPA World Congress and Probiota Americas, a collaborative annual event that is considered the leading  occurrence for prebiotic, probiotic and the microbiota-focused food and pharmaceutical industries, is  scheduled to be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriot Hotel in Washington, DC. The Event is offered by  Nutraingredients-USA.com, also known as William Reed Ltd., a media, business intelligence and events  group dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Probiota Americas features world-leading experts who  present the latest scientific, technical, and market insights in the industry, and provides networking  opportunities for individuals and companies alike. The Event also includes the Scientific Frontiers, Probiota  Pioneers and Wellness Program sessions during the weekend.2 More information about the Event can be  found on its website: https://probiotaamericas.com/live/en/page/home.  

Management Commentary  

“We are pleased that Dr. Hilmas has been invited to speak on the Panel at the Probiota Americas event,”  said Najla Guthrie, CEO of Wellbeing. “Aside from his day-to-day role at KGK, he has enriched the  Company’s Medical Advisory Board and I believe that he will add great value to the Panel and Event as  well. We also excited for Dr. Hilmas to bring new information back to the Company after the Event. An  event like Probiota America is important to our industry as it focuses on the wellbeing of consumers,  which aligns well with our goals and beliefs,” added Ms. Guthrie.  

RSU Grant  

The Company also announces that its Board of Directors has approved a grant of 1,260,000 restricted  share units (the "RSUs") in aggregate to an affiliate of an arm’s length consultant, pursuant to the  Company's RSU plan. The RSUs vested immediately on the date of issuance and each RSU entitles the  holder to receive one common share of the Company in exchange.  


Founded in 1997, KGK is a leading North American contract research organization based in London,  Ontario that primarily provides high-quality clinical research trials with a focus on nutraceutical and  emerging health care products. The business has successfully helped hundreds of companies with custom designed clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies to move products into global markets. KGK’s  other existing service lines include expert regulatory support and compliance solutions, participant  recruitment, research support services and consulting services. On an approximate basis, the business to  date has produced 150 publications, executed over 400 clinical trials across more than 40 indications,  amassed 25,000 participants in its database and collected 10 million data points.  


Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. is an evidence-based mental healthcare company focused on the  development and implementation of innovative clinical solutions, including psychedelic medicine and  digital therapeutics, as supported by clinical research. Its mission is supported by a network of North  American clinics that provide forward-thinking therapies and other types of treatment to patients as well  as through a contract research organization that offers clinical trials services to clients pursuing drug 

development. In essence, the Company exists to make breakthrough treatments more accessible and to  offer patients transformational experiences.  

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